Sonic Plant Hire offers a wide range of purpose built piling rigs from quality manufacturers.
Our rigs are maintained to a high standard and can be modified to meet the needs of individual projects.
Our rotary mini piling rigs are fitted with guards to meet the requirements of the PUWER Regulations 1998.

If the rig or equipment you require is not included on our website then please contact us as we have a flexible stock and can source equipment outside our own fleet.

Boart Longyear® Deltabase® 102 with Sonic drill head

Sonic Boart Longyear Deltabase 102

  • The highly versatile Boart Longyear® Deltabase® 102 supplied with a Sonic Sonicor 50K Drill head for either high frequency drilling or where high torque is required.
  • A powerful crawler-mounted rig with 10 tons of pull back capacity.
  • Capable of installing drilled piles and or for the deep drilling of geothermal and waterwell installation.
  • Optional rod rack for safer and more efficient production.

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Hutte HBR 205 MP

Hutte HBR 205 MP

  • An exceptionally powerful mini piling rig for its size which is capable of handling 600mm diameter auger or drill systems with up to 660mm diameter casing.
  • 20 tonne extraction and 10 tonne crowd force.
  • 55kNm Torque capable of sectional or continuous flight auger piling.
  • 4 point hydraulic stabilisers fitted as standard.

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Boart Longyear® Deltabase® 102 with drifter head

Boart Longyear Deltabase 102 with drifter head

  • The highly versatile Boart Longyear® Deltabase® 102 with a Eurodrill HD8032 drifter head fitted with Drycon High Speed motors.
  • Optional rod rack and high performance centrifugal water pump.
  • Capable of installing drilled piles and or for the deep drilling of geothermal and waterwell installation.
  • Optional rod rack for safer and more efficient production.

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Klemm 802-1

Klemm 802-1

  • A flexible and universal rig that has a fast set up time over the drilling position.
  • The Klemm 1215 drifter head has the ability to install anchors in a wide range of positions.
  • Capable of installing drilled piles or anchors along with deep drilling for geothermal and waterwell installation.
  • Optional rod rack for safer and more efficient production.

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Klemm 708-1

Klemm 708-1

  • A mini piling rig with a KH16 rotary head providing a compact rig with a torque and pullback that is ideal for drilling and piling.
  • The 708-1 is available with a Eurodrill 2004 drifter head or can be adapted to take a Klemm 1215 drifter head
  • Capable of piling, medium depth drilling and installing anchors (up to 45 degrees from the vertical).
  • Option of a low headroom mast to compliment the modest footptint of the 708-1 for restricted access work.

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Klemm 702-1


  • A versatile and compact mini rig ideal for restricted access drilling and piling.
  • The 702-1 is available with either a Klemm 10/11 drifter head or a Eurodrill 2004 rotary head.
  • Capable of piling, medium depth drilling and installing anchors. In the cross track mast configuration, installation angles of up to 45 degrees from the vertical can be achieved.
  • The 702-1 can operate remotely from its diesel power pack where access constraints or internal working may be present. With retractable tracks, this powerful mini rig can access working areas through widths of less than 1m allowing it to access more confined spaces such as basements.

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Mini Sonic Rig EP26

Mini Sonic Rig EP26

  • A unique compact mini rig with Sonic capability for low impact to the surrounding area.
  • Compact lightweight configuration with wireless remote control during tracking.
  • Capable of hollow bar micro piling and soil investigation using high frequency vibration to cut through a variety of material with minimal disturbance.
  • Fitted with a double set of clamps for breaking rods.

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Marini Drill Masts

Marini Drill Masts

  • Marini masts are lightweight drill masts which are highly maneuverable and can be fitted to either mobile frames, small excavator machines or Bobcat type machines.
  • The masts are capable of installing soil nails, anchors or micro piles.
  • Two masts sizes are available to install hollow bars with either a hydraulic or pneumatic drifter head.
  • Electric/hydraulic pack available for standalone drilling without a base machine.

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GP Services D1000s

GP Services D1000s

  • The UK manufactured GP D1000 is a purpose built bottom driven piling rig operated with a drop weight of up to 1 tonne with free fall system.
  • A single unit which provides excellent stability on the rubber tracked undercarriage.
  • Varying mast heights are available to suit either open or restricted headroom.
  • Three rigs are available with weights to drive 168, 220, 273 and 323mm diameter piles.

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