Sonic Plant Hire has many different items of ancillary plant and equipment. This equipment can be hired with our rigs or on an individual basis.

Plant equipment for hire includes:

  • Hydraulic power packs
  • Diesel Colcrete 4/10 grout mixers
  • Diesel/electric Sonic grout mixers
  • Compressors up to 825 cfm high pressure
  • Diesel and hydraulic powered water pumps
  • Powered geothermal loop reels

Ancillary drilling and piling equipment for hire includes:

  • Piling augers
  • 4” to 12” Down the hole hammers with or without drill bits
  • Klemm Percussive Casing
  • Temporary Casing
  • High quality drill rods and accessories

Ancillary mud and water flushing equipment for hire includes:

  • Mud shakers
  • Storage tanks of various configurations
  • Diesel powered mud pumps
  • High performance hydraulic piston and centrifugal water/mud pumps
  • Wellhead drilling sump

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